Carnival Parade: a must-see while in Italy!

img_20170226_151904While in Italy during Carnevale, you should try to attend at least one Carnival Parade. Of course, if you are in Tuscany, you should go to Viareggio (the most famous and beautiful floats in Italy are to be found there); and if you are in Venice… well, what could I tell you that you don’t already know on one of the world’s most famous Carnivals?

If you happen to be around here, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, you should not miss the Carnival in Fano. However, if you are not fond of crowd (and if you take little children with you) I suggest you come to the less spectacular and yet more genuine Pesaro Carnival. That is where we went yesterday with our 8-year-old Costanza.

img_20170226_155736Just the name of the parade, ‘Carnevale dei Ragazzi’ (Children’s Carnival), makes you think of a naive and simple event. And, indeed, it is very naive. The floats have nothing to share with the splendour of other more famous Carnivals’ floats. They are made by the Parish churches with little money and… a lot of creativity (it takes a lot of creativity to make floats and costumes with little budget!).

img_20170226_151634The winner of the contest was the Parish Church of Villa San Martino with the float ‘Alla Ricerca di Dory’ (in English: ‘Finding Dory’ but in our vernacular the real title was ‘A cerchém ma la Dory’).

The ‘Carnevale dei Ragazzi’ is organized by the Municipality of Pesaro together with Pesaro Diocese; the names of the floats, often in local dialect, mirror a simple and genuine atmosphere. Other appreciated themes were:’ ‘The Chocolate Factory’, ‘Four Seasons’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Trolls’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. As the themes are conceived to please the little ones, most of them draw inspiration from famous cartoons or children’s books.

img_20170226_160314This year the ‘Carnevale dei Ragazzi’ celebrated its 60th anniversary. Apparently over 10.000 Pesaresi gathered yesterday to celebrate it with Rabachèn (Pesaro Carnival typical Character) and his wife Cagnèra. Where Lemons Blossom was happy to be there 😉


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  1. Charming. But discouraging for those of us who struggle to communicate in Italian in anything resembling accuracy. Should we achieve perfect mastery (unlikely), we’ll still be outsiders everywhere, because we won’t understand what you’re saying in Pesaro, Venice, Naples or a thousand other towns.

  2. Hi Brad. Don’t be discouraged! I am Italian and when I go to Apulia or Campania in the south (or in Friuli Venezia Giulia in the north-east) – and come in contact with people speaking dialect – I can hardly understand a word. But then again, we are good at understanding each other when it comes to food (!) or gesture-language 😉 Soon I will start online lessons on how to be Italian. Stay tuned 😉

  3. HI Simona– You’re right– this is the perfect event for families with children! I loved the octopus with the little waves of children all dressed in blue. You do live in an amazing place–so much community. So much fun to get a peek at it all. You’re the best Simona! hugs1

  4. I’ve never been to the famous Viareggio Carnival Parade… It’s a ‘must-do’ for us Italians 😉 I’m so glad you enjoyed your time in Italy. Where have you been? Have a nice day!

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