Open air farmer’s market on the Ardizio hill

Farmer’s market on the Ardizio hill in Pesaro (on Saturdays)

There is a magic country corner in Pesaro, located on the Ardizio hill, with a breath-taking view on the city below, where on Saturdays local farmers gather to offer the visitors freshly picked season vegetables and fruit, and typical local products such as pecorino cheese, ham, sausiges, bread, honey, oil and wine.

This little open air market was perhaps the first one of this kind to be established in our town and it started from an idea of Mr Claudio Galanti – a beekeeper who produces honey (several

kinds of honey, from the so-called millefiori, a “thousand flowers” honey, to lavander honey which he grows on the Ardizio hill), honey soap and a fabulous honey liquor which anyone should have at home, in the cupboard (best if it belonged to grandma), to be served to friends in those little Bohemian glasses on a warm Springtime night.

Farmers’ market

Going back to the market, all products are biologically grown, chemical free, pesticide free and very healthy (all vegetables and fruit are picked on Saturday mornings – just before the opening of the market (from 8.30 am to 13.00 pm). Besides all products are “Zero Kilometers”, which assures excellent product quality, while reducing its price.

Last Saturday I went to the market with my husband and little daughter, and we were impressed by the lively, friendly, atmosphere we found behind the entrance gate. A little welcome-table was set up, with free tasting of bread, sausiges, oil and wine, in the middle of the little green area. We just bought “mistanza” (mixed salad: lettuce, rocket and other kinds of salad I honesty don’t know how to translate!) and a marvellous soft half-seasoned pecorino cheese coming from the nearby hills (actually, in our Province, many cheese-makers of Sardinian origins are to be found).

Lavander products by Claudio Galanti

We also bought a few aromatic herbs for our balcony which we make a generous use of (sage, marjoram, thyme and chive), while being entertained by a likable white French poodle.

We won’t certainly miss the market this morning (can’t wait to buy fresh strawberries there!)

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