A 5-Day-Long Journey with Dirce – Day 4 Out And About

This was a long day, out on a field trip. We visited three lovely villages, lost among the hills. And of course, there were snacks (or, more properly, lavish tablefuls of homemade food) at each stop …

First, we toured the lovely Sant’Angelo in Lizzola, now a part of Vallefoglia, its 11th-century tower and the 17th century church belonging to the Perticari family, where we were honoured to be shown around by countess Cacciaguerra Perticari herself.

Sant’Angelo is as real an Italian village as they come; take a look, we even met a bride and groom on their way to the church…

And did I mention we were shown the 17th-century Perticari family church by Countess Silvia Perticari Cacciaguerra herself?


Next stop, the Conventino (a former convent) in Monteciccardo.



And finally, just before lunch we were in tiny Montefabbri, one of the “Finest Villages in Italy”. This was only the morning. We had the afternoon to ourselves before the family dinner…



  1. Thank you, Jan, absolutely true. That is why we are working on holiday packages and open to bookings. It may not be “family dinners” all year round, but there are some seriously astounding experiences to make here..

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