Living by the (Adriatic) sea

IMG_20151107_153237Do you live by the sea? I do and could not live but on a coastal town. I am aware that Apulia, Liguria, Sicily – just to mention a few Italian regions – have much more beautiful coastal landscapes. Yet I’m grateful I was born in Pesaro, on the Adriatic coast, as the sea is such a great companion to  me throughout the whole year.

Of course I love the sea in the Summer (who doesn’t?), when the beach gets lively and colorful with beach umbrellas, children toys randomly scattered on the sand, beach restaurants, peddlers selling ice-cream, coconuts (‘Hello cocco! Cocco bello, cocco!) and donuts (bomboloni, actually). I love the sea in the Springtime – bringing along that comfortable, reassuring feeling that Summer holidays are near – and I love the Winter sea: so ghostly and yet to spiritual. Forgive me if I quote my beloved author Fabio Tombari once again, when he writes about the month of December: ‘at night, when the rosemary drips, where the horizon is most confused and the beach looks desolate, God walks along the sea, pensive on all creatures’ destiny. And who is alone finds Him.’20150929_165101_HDR

However, the sea in Autumn can bring up nice surprises too. Following are a few pictures we took last Sunday (apart from the one on the right): a gorgeous, sunny day in Pesaro. We went first to the so-called ‘spaggia di levante’ (eastern beach), then moved to Gennaro’s fish restaurant on the San Bartolo hill (a post by Walter on this excellent restaurant soon coming up!) and ended by taking a walk to the harbour.

What about you? Do you like living, or spending your holiday, by the sea? Or are you more the mountain-lover or urban type?



  1. We live on a mountain (a tiny one) and we love the sea…… my ancestors came from your part of the world, and on the other side we trace back to the Vikings……. salt water in the veins

  2. I love the Tombari quote. When we walked along beach I could feel God’s love all around me. The pictures are beautiful. I see that beach is still breath-taking.

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