Pic-nic at Mount Petrano


Yesterday Walter, Costanza and I spent a lovely day on the Petrano Mount together with our ‘musician’ friends.

Fency anything better in life than playing with your friends on a green mount (1162 m. above see level), surrounded by a breathtaking view on the hills and fields nearby, while the sun is shining, a gentle breeze is playing with your hair (and with your music sheets) and nobody is around (apart from a few kites up in the sky)?

And, most of all, after enjoying a ‘birthday’ pic-nic with all kinds of  home-made specialities (tomato and cheese pie, spinach and cheese pie, pecorino cheese and fava beans, hulled wheat with vegetables, olives and walnuts, cous-cous with carrots, cabbage, celery and  zucchini, grilled meat – some saint started the barbecue! – omelette, crostata cake with apples and pine nuts, crostata cake with black cherries and, of course, red wine).


Mount Petrano, (in the hinterland of Fano, 12 km far from Cagli and about 75 km from Pesaro) is a corner of paradise between Le Marche and Umbria. On the very (windy) top, people go to fly kites or air toy models. Some have pic-nics or park their camping vans (there are a few equipped areas for both). Some others play joyfully on their instruments.

Here are a few pictures we took yesterday.

Should you ever come to Pesaro or Fano, don’t miss mount Petrano (especially in the Springtime; as the top of the mount lacks of trees, you had better avoid going there on a hot Summer day, unless you have your own tent to provide you with a healthy shade!).


  1. This looks just like Virginia in the U.S. right now (spring), and many people enjoyed flying kites this weekend too at a farm where some of my friends live. I’m delighted to find your blog and hope to check in from time to time. If you saw my recipe for Chicken Marsala on my blog I’m wondering how it compares to something someone in the real Italy would make. I also have friends who lived in Italy for six years as mission workers, near Bari. I hope to follow your blog! Blessings.

    • First of all thank you for stopping by. I love your recipe for Marsala Chicken. Honestly I had never heard of it. I’ll ask Walter to answer your question (our food & wine expert at WLB).
      Isn’t it beautiful that people around the world fly kites? In Urbino, close to where we live, there’s a kite festival in the Summer. I’ll devote a post to it. Best wishes to you too

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by on my blog! For the next picnic you can try mi zucchini quiche! 😉 I must confess that I’m a bit jealous of you, because now I’m in London and I miss the Italian sun! 🙂

    Ps: in realtà avrei potuto scrivere in italiano, ma ho pensato di seguire il trend del blog a usare l’inglese!

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