Vivaldi, bucolically


Here is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received: a video by a musician friend of mine, Alessandro, shot at Mount Petrano, during our ‘musical pic-nic’ on Sunday, April 14th.

He has fully succeeded in capturing the blissful feeling we all were pervaded with: a magical Sunday, spent in harmony with nature and friends, playing joyfully together on the ‘roof’ of monte Petrano (a tableland with a breathtaking view on the surrounding hills and vallies). A perfect day. As one of my beloved actors would sing (I’m referring to Gene Kelly in ‘An American in Paris’): who could ask for anything more?

Well, please do watch the following video, if you are yearning for Spring, poetry and all the meaningful things in life (friends, music, nature, good food!).

Alessandro has filmed us using his air model (you can see it in the picture in my previous post) with a videocamera assembled to it.

The ‘cool’ thing is that the air model can fly pretty close to things and people, whereas videos shot from airplanes cannot provide images with close-up detalis. The video is extremely professional as Alessandro, besides being my ‘bookstand companion’ when we all gather to play at our violin maker friend Daniele’s, makes videos, among other things, for a living.

As ‘Sandrino’ in Italian is a diminutive for Alessandro, here comes ‘Sandrino Films’ production!

Alessandro took care of the whole film, included the poetic texts. As the texts are in Italian, here is a translation to better appreciate the brief – but intense! – video:

An uncontaminated nature,

A group of friends,

sharing the same love for music

and for good food,

in bucolic harmony

and pastoral phrasing.

April 14th 2013

Thank you, Ale.


  1. I just wanted to rave about Matare and Polignano [sp] a Mare where we spent a lovely holiday this month. In the south, they aren’t well-known but were so so beautiful! Would have put this in “about” but didn’t see the comments there 🙂

  2. Wonderful blog! I lived in Naples and Rome in the early 1980s and love Italy. Went there on my honeymoon three years ago. I’m grateful you’re following my blog and wish you all the best. Ciao!

  3. Simona….I am an adopted “aunt” of Francine’s in the USA; I enjoyed the video….beautiful music and gorgeous countryside…so peaceful!

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