Butrigo Farm – Heliciculture and Olive Cultivation

benvenuti On June 30th, the Orchestra da Camera ‘Sabbatini’ (where I play among the second violins), was invited to play in an evocative scenery at sunset: Butrigo Farm, on the hills of Pesaro, half way between the coast and the hinterland.

To me, playing in a natural set with friends is one of life’s experiences I cherish the most (remember my post on Mount Petrano?). So, once again, thanks to our friend Marco who gave us the possibility of playing in a natural amphitheatre, under olive trees, and who made me discover a very interesting farm I had never heard of (and yet if you make a bee line for it from my house it does not take more than 10 minutes to reach it!).

Butrigo Farm was inaugurated in 2007 with the aim of giving birth to a project combining local tradition with innovation. The Farm’s main activities are heliciculture and olive cultivation. A large garden is also available, producing excellent healthy vegetables.

Since the year 2012 Butrigo Farm has started an ‘Educational Farm’. The farm is open all year round (upon reservation) and Mauro, Francesca, Elena and Grandpa Stellio are glad to greet groups of tourist who are eager to disclose the many attractions of the local countryside. Olive oil and snail-based products tastings are always available.

Grandpa Stellio is the farm’s Master Geppetto (remember ‘Pinocchio’?) and Bob the Builder, he tells jokes and is the historical memory of the farm.

Following is a picture gallery of Butrigo Farm (most of the images used come from their website). Enjoy!


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