Easter Left-Overs and traditional Easter ‘pizza’ recipe

IMG_9510Believe it or not, in our family we are still eating Easter left-overs in these days (especially pork loin, ‘crescia di Pasqua’ – Easter pizza, salami, ‘colomba’ – a dove-shaped typical Easter cake with almonds and candied fruit that Walter bought in what we think it is Milan’s best ‘colomba’ and ‘panettone’ pastry shop – pecorino cheese from the surrounding Sardinian producers and, last but not least, tons of chocolate eggs… Costanza received an outrageously big Lindt chocolate bunny and four chocolate eggs!).

Many people are asking me the recipe for a good tradtional ‘crescia di Pasqua’ made in Pesaro, so here is the link to grandma Lella‘s ‘crescia di Pasqua’ we posted last year:




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