An Italian (rainy) Easter Day

Santa Maria dell’Arzilla, 1399

Kommt, eilet und laufet (if you click here, you’ll be connected to Bach’s Easter Oratorio which is a good soundtrack to Easter Day – and to life! – as all of Bach’s works are).

One would expect that on Easter Day, the sun (the “light”) would be more generous than in any other Springtime days. And yet, it has been raining in sheets since this (early) morning, when our daughter woke me up at 6.18

Happy Easter to you. Buona Pasqua, anyway

Easter’s celebrations, last night, at the church of Santa Maria Assunta in Arzilla with my sister at 9.15 (one of our many – not just religious – family rites!). The simple Romanic church, built in 1399, hosts one of my beloved sacred images: the Madonna of  Mercy, by Giovanni Antonio da Pesaro (1462).

Easter Luch at my parents today – table setting with crescia di Pasqua

Today, at noon, even if the Italian saying goes “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi” (“Stay with your family at Christmas, with anyone you like at Easter”), we had lunch with my parents – who also happen to be the ones I like to associate with at Easter (are you reading, mom and dad, right?).

Well, to cut it short, here’s the menu (not so traditional, but nonetheless very appreciated by us all): cannelloni with ricotta cheese and spinach (two toppings: tomato sauce and besciamella with mush-rooms), little rooster (galletto) with black olives and filling with minced meat, olives and garlick, crescia di Pasqua (which I adore) with abundant parmesan cheese and pepper, colomba  (a similar cake to Christmas panettone – shaped like a dove – with sugar crust and almonds), chocolate eggs. The wine, selected by our expert Walter (he’s the one who makes the gorgeous chocolate liquor!), came from Mariotti vineyards (Montemaggiore al Metauro) and – despite we had meat – it was a white “bianchello del Metauro“.

And to top it all – a very special “made in Walter” gift to everyone: home-made olive oil and cinnamon soap for a “gentle scrub”. To get rid – also metaphorically – of the “old skin” and to rise to a new life.

Or more simply – for those who don’t feel to engage in such demanding long-term goals – to get a clean shower!

Walter’s home made olive oil soap with cinnamon


  1. Ciao Simona, my names is Riccardo and I live just in this village. I am surprised to find information (in english 😉 about this small church with such beautiful paint. Anyway I am very involved with this Madonna and you know? this week with the local Pro Loco we are celebrating its 550th anniversary. Last Sunday we had a meeting by candlelight to to tell the history of this place. Next saturday there will be two hight masses are planned out: the first at 8.00 am going live on Radio Maria and the second one will be celebrate by our Archbishop. FInally during next weekend guided visits are available by young volunteers. Anyway if you want, I am interested to meet you and to know more about this blog because as I am working at INPUT Pesaro, the new project of our Province (the first in Italy where a classical tourist office has been transformed in a promotional office and where you can discover, find and taste our best local food and our best handcraft products), may be we could be interested to promote your blog in one of our event (each Stradomenica in Pesaro) Do you know it?
    Hoping to hear you soon
    buon lavoro

  2. Dear Riccardo,

    I was very pleased to read your comment on my post and, yes, I would be delighted to make your acquaintance.

    Thank you for sharing with us the information about the celebration events planned for the 550th anniversary of the church in Santa Maria dell’Arzilla hosting that beautiful Madonna of Mercy.

    I definitely know the INPUT project (I walk by your office/shop almost every day, each day admiring the local products exhibited in the shopwindows) and Stradomenica is one of my favourite “rites” as this old post witnesses:

    Thank you so much for offering me to promote my blog in one of your events. Of course I am flattered and honoured.

    I will contact you by email within today.

    Have a nice day


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